Hi, I’m Tracey!

If you are reading this, you’re here for a reason!

About Coaching.

What is Personal Life or Business Coaching?

Personal Life or Business Coaching is a partnership between client and coach. A coach provides clients with proven tools and skills to enable them to realize their goals and dreams. A coach provides a supportive, caring and challenging environment where the focus is totally on the client and what is best for him or her.

A coach listens to you without judgement and focuses on assisting you to achieve your goals and dreams. A coach is there to help you through setbacks and celebrate victories. A coach sees the greatness within you and is as committed as you are, and usually even more so, to helping you realise all that you can be. A coach helps you to understand what holds you back and enables you to push past your self-imposed limitations. A coach works with you to banish the fears that get in the way. A coach keeps you focused on your goals when everyday life hassles threaten to take your focus off your end results.

“Coaching is a sacred space...
As Coach, I ‘see’ the person in front of me and look beyond the obvious.

~Tracey Clark