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    What is that one thing you can do, starting today,
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     goals in life?
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Do I Need A Life Coach?
Consider These Statements...

On the personal side:
  • I want to overcome fears and negative thinking
  • I am not coping with a life transition, losing a loved one or a job
  • I am not happy with my life, I feel demotivated, overwhelmed, anxious and depressed
  • I need to feel more confident, be more assertive and empowered
  • I don't know what my life purpose is
  • I know I have potential, but I don't know how to unlock it
  • I want to set and achieve life goals
  • I really want to live my best life
  • I want to improve my relationships
On the Business/Career Side:
  • I need career counselling to find the right career for me
  • I need to put together a top notch CV and cover letter
  • I want to learn to excel in interviews
  • I want to start my own business/ grow my existing business
  • I need help staying motivated and passionate about my business and work life
  • I am heading for burnout and needing to learn better self-care
  • I want to develop my leadership skills
  • I want to improve my communication and interpersonal skills at work

If any of these statements rang true to you, then yes – you should invest in yourself, and your future by signing up for life coaching.


“Many thanks for the coaching session today. Like always I very much enjoy talking to you. If someone asks me about the most challenging parts of being an entrepreneur, I would say 1. keeping myself motivated 2. having a positive attitude 3. actually executing what's trapped in my head and 4. not feeling down by small bumps on the road. 

These are my challenges that I face everyday, and sometimes I cannot help doubting what I do. Whenever I get to talk to you, the world seems brighter and it is easier for me to overcome the challenges I mentioned. I feel I am getting mental support (that I often miss in my assignments) from you. I do encounter many 'aha' moments with your listening ears and valuable perspective. I really thank you for that.

People tend to get stuck with and taken by problems without knowing how to solve it or to be able to move on. Naturally I feel the same. Your approach in coaching I feel is: careful listening with more questions to identify issues and thinking along with people who are sharing their issues, and being empathetic, trying to look from their perspective, and at the same time providing pragmatic solutions to help them solve the issues and bringing your own perspective too!  

So I know, at the end of every conversation with you, what to do next and how to do it.”

International corporate client


“I had major breakthroughs while working with you. I approached you quite lost in the fact that I had quite a few things bothering me and I was trying to sort them out individually. Sitting with you and chatting, I realise that all these little frustrations I had all stemmed from one place – a lack of confidence. We have started to make breakthroughs on this, although it is quite a deep and complicated aspect that could not be ‘resolved’ quickly or effortlessly.

We have made inroads towards that – all of our talks help me internally and therefore help build towards that confidence. You are approachable, you understand and make me feel comfortable. I never feel judged by you.”

Local Corporate Client


“I just wanted to tell you how much it meant to me for you to offer your time to help clear out the clutter and deal with my most confusing love to date, mother-daughter love. It always felt like a purging session where I just get to tell you how great my life is. However, you also heard how better I would like to achieve my goals, my birthday goal weight, my business growth.

I am amazed at your ability to take my venting and my worries and insecurities and articulate them in a way even I can see a way forward. I will not forget how reassuring and comforting you are at all times. It validates my emotions. To be listened to, heard and understood is the most valuable exchange human beings can offer to make lasting change.”

Local Entrepreneur